The Cat Just Bit at Me

September 17, 2009

In my new apartment in the West Loop live two cats, and they love to come into my room and bother at me while I’m doing things. I’m not really used to this, having never had cats. But I guess I’m finding them kind of cute.

It’s been a long time since I”ve journaled, but I’m planning on doing it more consistently, and I’d love to receive comments. I’d like this to be a way of staying in contact with friends that I don’t see or hear from as often as I’d like to.

What’s going on now for me? I’m getting my master’s in English literature at UIC–I”m in my second year of a two year program. I’m currently working on my thesis. The topic is the body as a landscape, and it’s going to be a collection of poetry and prose. I haven’t written nearly as much of it as I need to, but I’m getting there.

Other than that, I work two jobs, one at my school and one for the City of Chicago–they have a publishing arts program that I work on. I’d like to go into publishing when I graduate, though we’ll see how that goes. Mostly I’d like to get a job and start paying off my student loans.

I’m also going through a period of re-starting my life from scratch. It’s strange to admit it here, and I don’t plan on talking about it very much, so don’t ask in the comments please, but I just went through something that I found scary and heartbreaking, and I’m trying to move on. I have to re-make my life in this city to a certain extent–I need to make some good friends, I need to work on a few hobbies of my own (I’m thinking ballet, writing, reading, yoga, and whatever else pops up), and I need to, well, find myself again. So be aware that that’s going to taint my entries a bit for a while, but I’m hoping that I’ll soon come out of this weird period and feel a lot more normal.

My roommates are a young couple named Amanda and Devin and they’re really nice accommodating people. The condo is a typical west loop loft with vaulted ceilings (which means that the short drywall walls of my room don’t reach the ceiling.) It’s a lot less private than any other place I’ve lived, but it’s still kinda nice. Due to the short wall situation, I’m listening to their friend Craig on the phone–an out-of-town nomad friend of theirs who’s crashing on their couch for a week while he goes through a period of unemployment. Guess he’s traveling the world and visiting some friends. I don’t really mind him being here because he’s got an inside friend that can get us White Sox tickets. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I do like going to the games and hanging out with friends, so I think it could be fun.

And that’s about it. Today I only have to go into the cultural center for about three hours to work, but I think I might try to squeeze in my first ballet class tonight before we all go out to dinner (my roommates, craig, and I). And then, I dunno. Home to work on my thesis or poetry for my workshop? We’ll see. I’m just kind of…floating right now. Taking baby steps and getting a grasp on my life again.

I hope you’re all well!


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