September 23, 2009

Well, it’s been about a week since my last post, so I thought I’d tell you all how I’m faring.

Most of last week passed in what now feels like a blurry haze. On Friday night I hung out with my friend Stephanie. We had a really chill evening–ate breakfast for dinner (eggs benedict!) at the Pick Me Up Cafe (which is in Wrigleyville). It was an interesting little hole-in-the-wall kind of place. The tables were all covered in weird little collages, ours featured the faces of various Sesame Street characters made out of fruit. Food was good. Afterward we went back to my place where we watched Project Runway and the cats caused Stephanie’s allergies to act up.

On Saturday I caught the Metra up to my friend Brandon’s house. He lives up in Palatine, a suburb of Chicago. On the train I read the copy of My Father’s Dragon that my friend Kyle had sent to me.  I mentioned it off hand in a conversation to him once and he stumbled across it in a used book store.  Reading it made me feel really relaxed and happy–it was one of my favorite books as a kid.  Maybe it was what jump-started my love of  fantasy/sci-fi.  Who knows?

Anyway, Brandon and I ate thai and then just relaxed in his hot tub (yes, he has an in-ground hot tub, ::jealous::) and then watched bad TV before hitting the hay early because I had to get up at like 6:30 am to get back to the city in time for my soccer game the next day.

Soccer went alright.  I still haven’t scored a goal, but I ran some people down, played some ok defense, and even stole the ball from someone once.  I’m getting better.  :)  Sunday afternoon involved a few video games, then a lot of down time.  The roommates got back into town from their sister’s (or sister-in-law’s) bachelorette party.

Monday was a sick day, but a good day.  I ended up having a fantastic conversation with my brother George about his new job and what he’s doing in his life.  He’s now working at a bakery in downtown Marquette, having left his old job at the Up Front because of bad management (and possibly other things, I don’t know).  He also just left Sweet Water Cafe to pursue the bakery job with all of his working hours.  He was sad about that (and, I mean, that’s understandable.  The Sweet Water Cafe is one of the best places to eat in Marquette, and also it was a great place to work, according to George).  All that talking of baking made me want some baked goods, so I ended up going to the store for some bread and talking with George about what we usually end up talking about–the purpose of life, what it means to be a good person, what we want to build in our lives, who we want to be.  We also bitched quite a bit about academia and dogs (I’m so sick of dogs everywhere.  Everyone and their brother in the West Loop owns like six dogs and they just take over everything.)

Anyway.  After that I went to my first ballet class at the Lou Conte dance studio (it’s not far from UIC or where I live).  The studio is associated with the Hubbard Street Dance Company, and it’s supposed to be really good.  Unfortunately for me, “beginner” in their terms means “intermediate” in mine, and the class ended up being above my level of expertise.  I think I might have to go down to “basic”, which sucks because I’ve taken basic before, but not at a studio as good as this one.  I’m also going to try a class at the Joffrey School of Ballet downtown.  I might go to my first one tomorrow night.  We shall see.

And that just leaves last night.  I worked all day (taking a break to go to the Aqua Center again, which I seem to be craving uncontrollably these days).  I got home and ate some hamburgers grilled by Craig, our boarder.  He managed to get us tickets to the Sox game through a work connection, so we drove down to the South Side to see the Sox vs. the Twins.  When we got our tickets, we noticed that we were in row 5 and got excited.  Sure enough, when we got down to our seats, we were in the FIRST ROW (which, I guess is technically the fifth?).  We were literally right behind the Sox dugout.  It was fantastic.  I’m not even that big of a fan of baseball, but it was cool to sit so close, to see all the players faces and see everything really clearly.  There were also like six home runs during the game–which was really exciting.  The Sox ended up losing, but it was neck-in-neck the whole time.  A good experience.

Plus I may have made a basketball connection (finally) through Craig.  He has a friend who plays co-ed in the city, so hopefully I can join the league :).

And I went home, hit the bed–had some bad dreams again :(.  And here I am at work, trying desperately to write some articles for AtLAS and to prepare myself for my poetry class.  I’d love to go to the Aqua Center again over lunch, but I didn’t bring my suit, and honestly I don’t really have time.  :/  Maybe tomorrow.

Ok, I hope you’re all doing well and I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your well wishes and support.  It’s helped me more than you probably know.


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  1. Dad Says:

    Hi Ju, sounds like you are on the right track. I like reading your thoughts. Stay positive girl and think of all the things in your life you got thru just fine in earlier days. Love you.

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