You’re the Magic that Holds the Sky Up from the Ground

September 30, 2009

Yeah yeah, stupid song lyrics for a title.  Sorry to be so…undergrad.  I just really like this song and these lyrics.  So…step off.

Okay, defensive.

Anyway.  It’s been a little while.

Last Friday was a pretty awful day at work.  So, I put together publications about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC, right?  Well, last spring the Dean decided that he wanted an “awards issue” detailing every award won by anyone (faculty, students, staff, and alumni) in LAS in the last year.  This is a TON of awards, people.  We’re talking a fifty page single-spaced mircrosoft word list of awards.  I compiled these both from my own news archives and (mostly) from individual year-end reports from each department on what awards were won.  So I break my back with this thing all summer and finally turn it into my boss early this month.  She does some stuff with it, then turns it over to our copy editors.  They all come back after reading like ten pages being like, “Um, the facts are all wrong in this.  What the hell?”  And I was like, wtf?  I just copied and pasted from the archives and the annual reports.  It turns out that the departmental reports were all wrong.  They had confused things like UIC with U of C and flubbed award amounts.  Gah.  So, my boss was really angry with me (angry enough to possibly not hire me back for next semester D:!) and now I’ve got to play catch up with this thing, fact check all 50 pages (in addition to all my other tasks) and get it out by next week.  So I’m working my ass off.

And add my other job plus my thesis plus my poetry workshop and you’ve got a busy Julie.  A VERY busy Julie.  ::sigh::  I guess I signed myself up for this, so I can’t really complain.

In better news, Cedar Point happened this weekend.  It was a good time if nothing else because it literally physically jarred the stress out of me.  Man, I love roller coasters.  We started with the Millennium Force (I forgot how high that thing goes.  Dang!  And the view of the lake is actually beautiful.  It’s funny, on so many of the coasters I was like, oh man I’m so scared, oh man this is really high…hey, look at the pretty lake!…oh man, I’m so freaked out.  Heh.  It was kind of cool how that worked out.)  and moved on to the Mantis (and I still don’t understand that ride, who wants to stand up on a roller coaster?, it’s so uncomfortable) and then we did the Dragster.  Filth, as Vanessa (or Deeps for that matter) would say.  Filth.  This ride is supposed to imitate being in a race car.  It takes you from 0 mph to 130 mph in about four seconds (fancy hydraulics, I guess), shoots you straight up and then literally straight down and stops.  It takes like less than 20 seconds, but it is insane.  It was the kind of ride where as soon as it started, I started screaming (because jesus christ it feels scary to suddenly be moving that fast) and didn’t stop until the end, was freaked out the whole time, and as soon as it ended I was like, “That. was. AWESOME.”  It was so thrilling.  Vanessa, on the other hand, in the seat next to me, was like, “Oh my god.  Never again.”

We did a bunch of other rides, like the magnum, witch’s wheel, the spiny chairs, and other stuff.  We ate greasy food.  Did the Dragster again (much prettier at night), did the Raptor a couple times (also prettier at night and still probably my favorite ride there) and then everyone but Vanessa and I did the Power Tower (even though they all hated it) twice.  It was ridiculous.  Sarah, let out this blood curtling scream the first time that left her extremely hoarse afterward.  I’m not entirely sure why they put themselves through it…twice, but meh.  Vanessa and I were happy to watch.

I was like…really feeling my age (and I’m only 24) though.  I had a much easier time last time I went when I was 19.  This time I left with a headache and felt kinda nauseous many times.  I think that may also have been because I didn’t sleep almost at all the night before.  The whole job thing really stressed me out, and I just couldn’t relax enough to sleep very well.  I slept like a BABY after cedar point though.  I even slept in the car, which never happens.

The next day was a lazy day at Ben and Vanessa’s.  We had lunch at Bennigans (another rueben for me) and then I wrote articles and took a power nap all afternoon while Vanessa played Kingdom Hearts.  That night I took the negabus back to Chicago (really boring ride, and also an annoying seat mate who took up WAY more than his fair share of room).

And now?  Working working.  I’ve been trying to break it up with trips to the aqua center, cooking extravagant meals, and hanging out with the roomie, but really I’ve just been working a lot.  I’m really looking forward to going out with the dance girls on Thursday, just for a break.  :)

So that’ life up until now in my world.  I hope you’re all faring well.


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